Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hive 1 July Block for Greta

Greta asked us for green maple leaves.  I had lots of little green scraps, so decided to try four 6" blocks instead of one 12" block.  I thought about putting them together into a single block, but left them apart so Greta can arrange or scatter them however she likes.  Can't wait to see her finished quilt!

Greta--I put them in the mail today.

-Alicia (@qvilt)

Greta's Hive 1 July Block

Greta..  I really enjoyed these for you.   I was able to put them in the mail yesterday (7/26)  Hope they will work in your quilt.

Hive 2 Star Block for Julie

Julie gave us a choice of a sixteen patch or a star block, hmmmmmmm, I don't have a lot in pink, so I made a star block.

I hope you like it and it fits in with the others Julie.

Smiles from
Kate x

Purple Heart for Francis

Talk about an easy block....and its for a charity quilt which makes it even better.  Hardest part was picking out the colors I wanted to use.

The post office loves it when I try to explain what I'm sending internationally.  Hope you have it already or soon.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hive 7 - July

What a fun block to make. Hope I got the colors right.

Now to wait for August!

String block for Karen

These were easy! I love string blocks but haven't sewn them using a muslin foundation before and was surprised how much weight is added. I think I'd like these made into a quilt without batting, maybe with a flannel backing fabric?

I'll be curious to see what you do with these blocks of many colors, Karen. Enjoy!

Update on I-Spy Quilt

My I-Spy Quilt for my dad is now a top. It is not quilted yet, but will be done for when I travel to see him in December, and will be his Christmas present. Thanks to all who contributed blocks. I used every block that I received, and I'm  sure dad will love it.

July String Block for Karen, Hive 6

Here is my string block for Karen. It will be in the mail later today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Finished Quilt from Stash Bee 2015

Deana from Dreamworthy Quilts contacted me today asking me to share her completed Stash Bee quilt. It was from 2015 and she finally finished it and I couldn't be happier to share it with all of you.

I clearly remember her block because it was one of the first times that I crashed a hive and the very first time I attempted curved piecing! Since then, this block/quilt has been on my to-do list.

If you'd like to see more photos are more info on her quilt, you can check out her blog post here.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Block for Queen Meredith

Here is my block for July.  Orange and Navy are among my favorite colors, and it seems I have plenty of lighter shades of blue as well. I sent this block a week ago, so it should already be at its destination.  It's untrimmed as requested.  I look forward to seeing the wedding quilt put together!
Lee (@zanytaylor)